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uSluts Forum Rules (Updated 1-20-16)
Welcome to uSluts!
We're happy that you have found us and hope you enjoy our forum. As an uSluts Member, it's your responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the rules below, as you will be held accountable for them whether you read them or not. It is also your responsibility to check back regularly as these rules can and will change as needed (with or without notice).  If by any chance you have any questions, feel free to ask a Mod or Admin, we're here to help you. 

The owners, administrators, and moderators of uSluts reserve the right to delete, edit, move, or close any thread at any time for any reason. Furthermore, uSluts reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone who we feel will be disruptive or detrimental to our forums.  Membership here is a privilege and not an obligation on our part.

The following rules are expected to be followed at all times. If you're caught breaking these rules, you could be warned, or even banned from the site. Just a few simple rules to keep everything in here smooth. Remember, this is an user driven forum so it is imperative that everyone can enjoy the same experience.

General uSluts Forums Rules:

uSluts is a community made up of amateur porn enthusiasts with an emphasis on social media outlets.  As a member, you are a part of our community, and we encourage you to take part in the conversations, debates, and share what you have within posting rules.  We ask that all members treat each other with respect at all times. uSluts wants to promote a fun atmosphere so anyone who unreasonably disrupts our community will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including being permanently banned.  Don't be that member!
  • Do not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that is deemed illegal and/or violates local or United States law.

  • Do not make posts containing no content ("First Post," "I'm New Here," etc.).  Please post those types of threads in the New Members Welcome Center.

  • No threads asking us to vote for you on some website, give you referrals for free iPods, TVs, or any other types of spammy shenanigans.
    • This includes any type of advertising, offers, solicitation, and/or begging, etc.

  • Links, within limits, are OK in all forums except any of the PHOTOBUCKET sections, but if you post a malicious link (any URL with spyware or malware) you will be permanently banned.  No question asked.
    • No linking to other forums, no discussion of other forums by any means that includes PMs too.
    • No flame wars and be respectful of one another.  Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated. If you don't agree with a post, focus your argument on that post, not the person who posted it.

    • Members may not have multiple usernames/accounts. Such actions will result in your being banned from the forum.

    • Members are not permitted to impersonate anyone such as law enforcement, model, porn star, etc.

    • No linking to paid or cash sites, no linking to your own sites without authorization. That includes placing files with links in files that you share, PMs, placing links on screenshots and previews or in the file's name and/or all similar to the above described methods. Violators will be banned.

    • Post all content in the appropriate sections

    • Do not use auto posting software. Violators will be banned.

    Photobucket Image and Video Rules:
    • Title of the thread must be username of the Photobucket find only.

    • No linking to EVER!

    • Search the username before posting to make sure it hasn't already been posted. Add additional pics to the existing thread if one is found. 
      If you find that the bucket is been already posted in the VIP section (Fresh Finds/Archives), do not post in general forums or it WILL BE DELETED.

    • All posts must include the correct username. Any posts that do not include a username will be removed.

    • All images/videos must be uploaded here. No direct hyperlinks are allowed. This is to include

    • No mentioning of cracking, hacking, or any illegal means of obtaining Photobucket pictures or videos.

    • Posted material must actually come directly from Photobucket.

    • Password sharing is not allowed.

    • Use good judgement when posting, pictures of individuals who appear to be in high school or younger will be removed.

    • Threads not containing attachments will be deleted.

    • Please do not post pictures found in collector buckets. These will be removed.

    • DO NOT post pictures or videos if there are no nudes.  Just because you found a bucket with a hot chick wearing a g-string does not constitute a find.  This also includes hand-bra's, nipple tape, or a butt cheek.  See thru tops/bottoms are acceptable.
      • Posting non-nudes and asking for the TOS is strictly prohibited.  There is a sub-forum for these types of posts called Photobucket Request

      Avatar & Signature Rules
      • Avatar's are to be no more than 100x100 in size (200X200 VIP).

      • Avatar's are not to be offensive in nature (rape, death etc.)

      • Signatures should not be oversized. 250X150 @ under 250k is a good size.

      • Signatures should also be non-offensive in nature.

      • No advertising of any kind, and no affiliate links whatsoever. You may put a link to your uSluts threads in your signature.

      • You signature must look neat and tidy. You can use any images or animation as long as they are not for advertising purposes. You signature must not exceed approximately 2 lines in size (250X150 @ under 250k).

      • Users with signatures in violation of these rules will be warned to fix their signatures. Failure to do so will force the removal of the signature by the site owner, administrator, or moderator.

      Please check this section often.  Rules and Standards will be updated as needed.

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