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How Snapchat Through a Computer
Can you use snapchat through a computer or do you have to have a phone?
Google snapchat emulator. Dunno if it works tho
Thanks for the tip! I'll check some of them out
snapchat emulator
use bluestacks.... you can screenshot without them knowing! prnt screen paste Wink
(04-14-2015, 03:45 PM)gt_cr Wrote: use bluestacks.... you can screenshot without them knowing!  prnt screen paste Wink

Bingo Wink
#7 and are other options.
I've used a few sites in the past to do this just google "snapchat online", used to work but they may not now.
Any point in jacking accounts? Like you log in a week later, might there be all sorts of win waiting for you?
Anyone found a new way to record a snapchat???
There's a way i use. Hook the phone up to the computer. Fire up quicktime and then go to file>new movie recording> then select your device and hey presto you can record whatever you do on your screen and they will never know. I know this works 100% on iPhone 5 and more recent devices. Works 100% on Mac but i never use my windows computer so i have never checked on there.
I wouldnt change the password on the person if you can avoid it, but yes, there is purpose. You might not always gain wins directly by snaps, but many people send and save pics in the chat portion of the app.. so, in a chat (or EVERY chat for that matter), pull down from the top to see if there are saved messages.. if there are, you can tap them and they're full screen again. Got some girls I knew this way by jacking other local guys accounts lol

I should add that, if you're more looking for an iphone third party app, I use sneakaboo. I think the paid version is about 4$.. I paid for it, its pretty nice to have. You cant use chat in it, but you can send 'snaps' from pics from your camera roll, so you can be anyone you wanna be.. hello catfish (guide coming soon)

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