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Slut Bucks Rules
Slut Bucks Rules and Regulations
Slut Bucks was created to reward those who bring substance and content to our forums. In order to alleviate some of the questions that we get asked, we have complied a list that outlines how you can and cannot earn Slut Bucks.

Please keep in mind, we have a tracking system that outlines how Slut Bucks are obtained. We also have a great community that cares about what goes on in these forums and they will report any unjust means of gaining Slut Bucks.

How to EARN Slut Bucks
New Post - $2
New Thread - $4
New Poll - $2
Per Character - $0.02 (min. 15 characters)
Per Poll Vote - $0.5
Per Reply - $2
Per Visit - $0.2

How NOT to earn Slut Bucks
  • Requesting, begging, or badgering members for donations. This includes in threads, posts, or private messages. 
  • Though we do encourage posting replies, posting empty and/or meaningless replies i.e. she's hot, nice tit's, etc. is strictly prohibited. If you have nothing beneficial to add to a post, a simple rep to the original poster and/or subsequent additional post will suffice.
  • Creating multiple accounts to manipulate referrals (instant permaban).
  • Posting bogus polls
These rules will be updated as needed.

Update: 12-28-15 - Removed per referral and gambling section

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