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Hodges Rules In A Nutshell
First and foremost welcome to Usluts. If you are new to this site you need to know the following. These rules are pretty much written in various places throughout the forums and I am compiling them here using Hodges simple English, easy to fucking understand, straight to the point language.

1) We are not a revenge porn site. Absolutely under no circumstances are you permitted to post any and all information leading to the identification of any person.

****Example of the following is as follows. No full names (first name only), no photo ID's, addresses, emails, townships, Social security cards and #'s, workplace info, school, family members, any picture or doc that can lead to the persons full identity.

2) Only public PB and or other social media accounts are allowed to be posted. If their account is set to private and you must be on their "Friends" or "Follow" list to gain access to WINS then you are NOT allowed to post the content here on Usluts.

3) No underage (UA) social media accounts allowed on Usluts. user must be 18 or older. It is common knowledge that PB from time to time will have 15, 16 and 17 year old low self esteem, with daddy issues, who are little sluts, posting nude selfies and god knows what else. So be very careful of what you post.

4) No posting content that contain children whether clothed or not. No breast feeding pics or vids. Pictures of slut moms holding their baby or child is prohibited. Pictures of slut moms attending sporting events with kids in background is prohibited. These are just some examples.

5) Posting of content that was a direct result of hacking, illegal ripping, RATTING, is prohibited on these forums.

6) Dont be a fucktard with short thread replies, like, "Hot" "She's hot" "Meh" "Nice" etc......

Now that you have read these rules you can read what Steel has posted HERE
Death To All Whiteknights!!!!

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