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Earn 1000 SB with posting
Hi all,

We are thinking about starting a contest where a member can earn free VIP with posting nice stuff.
Fox example
You guys nominate 10 posts made in the month may. After the nominations you guys have 1 week to vote for the best post. Winner will receive 1000 SlutBucks.

Any suggestions from you guys?
To be honest I expected little more feedback. I'll test it once since there was no feedback.

Rules for this time:
1 Only posts/threads that were created between 1 may and 8 may can play.
2 Old and well known content can not play.
3 To play, you have to be a member with atleast 10 threads.
4 Winner gets 1000 SB
- Second place gets 500 SB
- Third place gets 250 SB
5 After the nominations we'll start a poll which will stay open for 1 week.

Post a link in this thread if you want to nominate a thread. Would also be nice if you post why a thread should be nominated.
We will start this in June once we get everything ironed out. I love the idea. This is the reason this forum was created, member involvement.

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