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[INDEX] Open Dir Image Viewer - Tampermonkey
Add this script to Tampermonkey and it transforms all the links in an open directory webpage into images  Big Grin

Saves you from having to use a fusker or a third party stripper like StriDir

Works pretty good so far

Not my script, found on[url=][/url]

Happy Hunting


// ==UserScript==
// @name           Open Dir Image Viewer
// @namespace
// @include        *
// ==/UserScript==

function xpath(query) {
return document.evaluate(query, document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null);

function addImages() {
var max = 100;
var links = xpath("//a[@href]");
for (var i = 0; i < links.snapshotLength && i < max; i++) {
var a = links.snapshotItem(i);
if (a.href.match(/\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png)$/i)) {
a.innerHTML = "<img src=\"" + a.href + "\">";

var title = document.getElementsByTagName('title')[0].innerHTML;
if(title.match(/^Index of /)) {
Rep added
Death To All Whiteknights!!!!
It seems like this is suppose to turn on when it recognizes the "Index of" title of the web page.

Notice the code itself is a bit outdated but can't seem to get this to work. Tamper monkey is greyed out and wont engage the script.

EDIT: This does work when searching archives etc. Just not FTP directories. At least from my short experience.
Correct, it won't allow you to preview FTP directory items. Those need to be downloaded and can be easily stripped with Filezilla or similar.

I see the confusion though from the thread, I posted as INDEX and the thread groups it with FTP, just differentiated by the color pink.
for chrome there is an extension/add on called gallerify that does something similar
(08-29-2019, 12:41 PM)gio1111 Wrote: for chrome there is an extension/add on called gallerify that does something similar

Yeah, this script allows you to view them before they are downloaded. Looks like gallerify extension downloads them, if I am understanding correctly.

There are similar applications like JDOWNLOADER that allow you to pick and choose files you want to download from an online link, instead of downloading the whole batch.

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