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Anyone catfish to get nude photos?
Just curious how well it works.
(12-23-2019, 06:38 PM)ticktock1 Wrote: Just curious how well it works.

Works very well if you pretend to be a celeb. I was watching the catfish tv show on MTV and they tracked down a guy who was catfishing a girl who sent dozens of nudes to him. Long story short he had over 1000 girls he was catfishing and they all sent nudes. I believe he had a an account on Instagram and was pretending be a celeb.
Death To All Whiteknights!!!!
You guys should try tinder just find a handsome person online
Ive never catfished anyone but have received tons of nudes from ex gfs
I don't think it would work very well these days, with so many ways to verify people (reverse image search etc.)

But, then again, like Hodge was talking about, there is a whole TV show about people doing it so it can't be that hard lol.

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