NOTICE: All new finds that have not been posted, no matter the platform (Social Media, Cloud Storage, Mobile Media, etc.), must be posted in the VIP Fresh Finds forums only. If you are not a VIP member please use the FRESH FIND SUBMISSION FORUM to post your finds and you will be credited Slut Bucks rewards according to the rules. We want to reward those members who contribute fresh content. This was the backbone of our community until PB took a nosedive. (December 12, 2018)

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Fresh Finds - Policy Clarification (Please Read)
This is to clarify the uSluts policy on Fresh Finds Buckets.

Fresh Finds are buckets that are public and active (updated within the last 2-3 Months).

In an effort to fast-track active members to VIP status, uSluts awards members who post fresh finds a "Thread Promotion Award."

We encourage members to utilize the "Registered Members Fresh Finds" sub to submit their Fresh Finds for promotion credit.

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'I posted buckets in fresh finds, wheres my reward??'
The submissions in this section are looked at and processed daily. If you have submitted a bucket and it has been removed and you haven't received a reward.

Its because

- Its already been posted in VIP fresh finds
- Its already been posted in Registered section
- It breaks forum rules

If its fresh ,rest assured we will reward you, but if its not trust that the moderators know what their doing
If you don't hear anything assume its not as fresh as you think it was.

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FTP finds
Denise Martin 2011
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I appreciate you guys contributing but the Hodge is beginning to see a pattern. Over half the stuff posted in this room has been shared originally so many fucking times via other boards its starting to make my dick go soft.

Its real easy to rip from other boards and repost here as your own find and to me thats being a lazy slut bucks cheating whore. Angry

If you want to repost other peoples finds post it in the amateur section of this site, since none of that shit is OC content.

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Random Assorted NAS Finds
We all get that NAS that after searching endlessly we find shit. But we find maybe one or two pics that raised our eye brows or perhaps moved or twitched our dick. For the most part they will be NN, but if you only find one win in a nAS post it here.

Post those pics here and be sure to leave a caption. No rhythm or rhyme.

I'll start.

Daddy gets a close up shot his teenage daughters ass while she scratches it.
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Random Rich Dude's Finds
I could post all of the "art exhibit" crap but it's weird. Here's the chicks....which I'm sure isn't his wife.
Author: dwmathews88 - Replies: 1 - Views: 3786
Some chicks I met on tinder here in the area.
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tumblr finds with gps
I love all the pics, but i have this strange habit of researching the gps location,
herewith my latest finds.
Hope you like it, and yes im in too girls xoxo
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Random Finds
Mixture of my random finds (mostly butts) you may enjoy...
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Random/unknown 4shared finds
I'm posting some random imgur finds here. We can also use it as an ID thread. When a post is identified we can move that one to the cloud forum.
**I didn't censored the names. They were posted like this**

A******* M