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For Serious Collectors: How do you organize your content?
I sort just like "test1234" does, by online source. "Cloud, FTP, GoneWild, Google, Instagram, IsAnyoneUp, KIK, Live, MeWe, MyEx, Myspace, Periscope, Photobucket, PinkMeth, Smugmug, SnapChat, tumblr, Twitter, and YouGotPosted".

"Names" has unknown sourced girls but named, with named from above linked with shortcuts.

Also have a quite large collection of dressed undressed sorted by anatomy (side by sides we've all seen) brides, bikinis, bondage, couples, lingerie, military, moms, pro, and selfies. The duplicate image finder is very helpful here, I use SimImages and also check the small filesized ones on google image search for better quality.

Since my RSSowl doesn't work anymore, I've been searching for a working virus free copy of Offline Explorer Enterprise. Which can auto download a webpage #'s deep on a schedule (and save a previous image if it changes - like one going TOS), no RSS needed.

FYI, there is a HUGE torrent of Gonewild out there sorted by 1 torrent per letter (A, B, C, etc). search Gonewild Archives by ihadp May 2017. The S torrent alone is 192 Gigs! After that I will tackle Suicide Girls torrent at 283 Gigs complete. (Just got another 5T drive for this.)

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