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Looking for a few old buckets...
Hopefully this isn't the wrong area to put this. I've been into this stuff since back when MySpace was huge. I collected lots of good shit, but a hard drive crash wiped out most of the good stuff. 
Anyways I was wondering if anyone on here has a few of the old buckets I am missing. If they are in VIP that's fine. That would get me to join probably...

First bucket is desipoo or desipoo420 or something like that. She had some good videos even though she was a little busted looking.
Second bucket is mikeywikeyluvr or something like that. If you were following her uploads in your feed you were always excited to see new posts. She was super cute. Had a few tanning-bed wins I think but that was it.
None of those buckets come back. So no they are not on uSluts.
Death To All Whiteknights!!!!

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