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[NAS] 85.168.1XX.XXX (MEGA)
Noboby answers me about sharing files I've found and uploaded on Mega, so I try, tell me if it's not ok.

Here's a pretty little girl from Belgium, found last week.

[Image: cover-1920x1920-o-39.jpg]

[Image: cover-1920x1920-o-22.jpg]

I'm not certain about the ruling, but I love this use of Mega Big Grin
Cool my first rep bucks !

So now I can go on uploading, I got something like 1To of finds to share Big Grin
Love it!
how the hell do you find these wins on mega? Cant seem to figure out where to search?
(11-08-2019, 02:20 PM)lorax81 Wrote: how the hell do you find these wins on mega? Cant seem to figure out where to search?

You have misunderstood Smile

That's wins I've found on NaS or  FTP and after that I'll put them on Mega, which seems to me easier to browse and to upload.
love you... for maintaining the folder structure.
sad, no hardcore videos.

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